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"Automated process for stable preservative free pastry base mix for high added value bakery goods to increase the competitiveness of SME bakeries"

The proposed research will develop a technical solution that will relieve some of the more mundane tasks associated with producing higher value baked goods and enable SME bakeries throughout Europe (190,000) increase their efficiency and be more competitive against the threats from industrial bakeries and supermarkets. The SME-AGs within this SME dominated sector and through their leading role in this project will enable the results from this proposed development to be brought to the benefit of a significant number of SME bakeries most effectively.

To achieve this, the following technical objectives will be met:

  1. Process control & automation. Rheological sensor system to detect, qualify and quantify the point of time for finishing the roasting process for automatic process control.
  2. Process automation, enabling non-manual contact with food material after controlled ingredient metering.
  3. Automatic CIP (clean in place) system, for rapid cleaning between batches.
  4. The development of an aseptic pastry manufacturing system, with a novel aseptic filling and packaging system to enable subsequent storage and distribution with microbiological integrity.
  5. Shelf life stability of choux pastry mixes (up to 1 month at 4°C).
  6. Organoleptic quality comparable to traditionally manufactured choux paste.